Did you think your day was bad?

He’s naked, desperately sick, and battered.  Worst of all, he has no idea where he is or how he got there.  He can’t seem to find his clothes, wallet, or telephone, and a peek out the window to a weed-filled parking lot tells him that his car seems to be missing, as well.  The filthy red shag carpet and mirrored ceiling are clues that Mike Sanders, a well known T.V. cable chef and co-star of the Cooking with Dr. Julie show is in a fair amount of trouble.  Being the unabashed mama’s boy he is, he picks up the telephone to call his co-host psychologist mom, the fiery Dr. Julie.  The gruff voice from the front desk informs him that his mom is already on the way, but before Mike can ask how the heck she knew where he was, the police arrive with more questions than he has answers for. It seems they found his vintage 300ZX crashed in a dusty, dry Phoenix river bed with all his clothes on the driver’s seat and a sexy black sheath draped across the passenger’s.  It’s more than Mike bargained for when he offered to help is private detective twin brother Alex on a routine stakeout.

Find out what happens in Phoenix Nights - Available now from Wild Child Publishing and Amazon.